European Foreign Policies

Does Europe Still Matter?

Edited by Ronald Tiersky, John Van Oudenaren

Paperback - £44.00

Publication date:

16 September 2010

Length of book:

326 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742557789

The extent of Europe's influence in the twenty-first century is one of the fundamental questions in a rapidly changing world order. How much does Europe still matter in geostrategic affairs? Will the Europeans seek more international clout and be willing to pay the price for it? Above all, will the European-American partnership prosper or weaken? In the only comprehensive study available on the subject, leading international experts explore these vital questions for global peace and security. The book includes authoritative chapters on the foreign policies of the major European countries, of the European Union, and of Europe toward key regions and countries—especially the United States, Russia, China, and the Middle East.

Contributions by: Krzysztof Bobinski, Mark Gilbert, David Shambaugh, Philip Stephens, Paul Taylor, Ronald Tiersky, Nathalie Tocci, John Van Oudenaren, Benedetta Voltolini, and Helga A. Welsh.
This valuable work makes sense of Europe's complex foreign relations. It puts together the play of national interests in EU negotiations, common European ambitions, and Europe's role in international geopolitics. Accessible yet nuanced, the book will appeal to students and scholars of European politics and beyond.