Mabel Agnes Elliott

Pioneering Feminist, Pacifist Sociologist

By (author) Kathryn McGonigal, John Galliher

Publication date:

16 January 2009

Length of book:

178 pages


Lexington Books

ISBN-13: 9780739129517

Mabel Agnes Elliott: Pioneering Feminist, Pacifist Sociologist provides a history of the life and career of the late Mabel Agnes Elliott (1898-1990), a pioneering female sociologist largely forgotten despite her achievements and contributions. A native of Iowa, Elliott earned three degrees in Sociology from Northwestern University. In addition to her career as a sociologist, she was a feminist and a pacifist whose occasional criticism of criminal policies in the United States led to the creation of an FBI file. Despite being largely disregarded by her male colleagues, Elliott wrote a wildly successful textbook, Social Disorganization, that published four editions over thirty years. After starting her career at the University of Kansas and working there for twenty years, she moved to Chatham College in Pennsylvania in 1949 where she was appreciated for her singular abilities. Among her many achievements, she was the first nwoman to be elected Presidet of the Society for the Study of Social Problems in 1957.