Publication date:

28 October 2002

Length of book:

400 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780742521780

What is justice? Great political philosophers from Plato to Rawls have traditionally argued that there is a single, principled answer to this question. Challenging this conventional wisdom, David Miller theorized that justice can take many different forms. In Forms of Justice, a distinguished group of political philosophers takes Miller's theory as a starting point and debates whether justice takes one form or many. Drawing real world implications from theories of justice and examining in depth social justice, national justice, and global justice, this book falls on the cutting edge of the latest developments in political theory. Sure to generate debate among political theorists and social scientists, Forms of Justice is indispensable reading for anyone attentive to the intersection between philosophy and politics.
Much more than a fitting tribute to Miller's political philosophy by a very impressive lineup, this collection is a fine critical exploration of social justice in all its forms.