The Reflective, Facilitative, and Interpretive Practice of the Coordinated Management of Meaning

Making Lives and Making Meaning

Contributions by Karen Bentley, Linda Blong, Lydia Forsythe, Jeff Hutcheson, Jeff Leinaweaver, Paige Marrs, Darrin S. Murray, Adair Linn Nagata, Kim Pearce, W Barnett Pearce, Jane Peterson, Irene Stein, Ilene Wasserman Edited by Beth Fisher-Yoshida, Catherine Creede, Placida Gallegos

Publication date:

12 April 2012

Length of book:

318 pages


Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

ISBN-13: 9781611475135

The Reflective, Facilitative and Interpretive Practices of the Coordinated Management of Meaning: Making Lives, Making Meaning, showcases practical applications of the theory of Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM). In the facilitation section, CMM creates dynamics within groups leading toward improved ways of working together; in the interpretation section CMM offers alternative frames to interpret interactions with one another; and in the reflection section CMM is a means to reflect on experiences and interactions to deeper levels of understanding and learning. CMM is grounded in social constructionism, takes a communication perspective and provides concepts and tools for making better social worlds.
This volume offers a rich resource for understanding the complexity of communication processes and how we might ‘act wisely in(to) critical moments.’ For the first time, the theory and practice of the Coordinated Management of Meaning is compiled within one volume, moving us toward generative understandings of how we can facilitate the creation of better social worlds . ‘Communication is consequential’ and the contributors to this volume have made that abundantly clear.