Where Cultures Meet

Frontiers in Latin American History

Edited by David J. Weber, Jane M. Rausch

Publication date:

01 August 1997

Length of book:

222 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780842024778

In Where Cultures Meet, editors Weber and Rausch have collected twenty essays that explore how the frontier experience has helped create Latin American national identities and institutions. Using 'frontier' to mean more than 'border,' Weber and Rausch regard frontiers as the geographic zones of interaction between distinct cultures. Each essay in the volume illuminates the recipro-cal influences of the 'pioneer' culture and the 'frontier' culture, as they contend with each other and their physical environment.

The transformative power of frontiers gives them special interest for historians and anthropologists. Delving into the frontier experience below the Rio Grande, Where Cultures Meet is an important collection for anyone seeking to understand fully Latin American history and culture.

By focusing theoretical attention on perhaps the most significant force during the past 500 years of Latin American history—cultures in contact and conflict with each other—Where Cultures Meet offers readers an illuminating handle for comprehending global processes and historical developments. Students of Latin American history and anthropology will find this anthology an important addition to their libraries.