Meaning in Myth

Three Separate Journeys

By (author) Thomas M. Casey

Paperback - £18.95

Publication date:

01 November 1989

Length of book:

150 pages


Sheed & Ward

ISBN-13: 9781556122538

Why is one person a believer and another an atheist? Why does one person demand facts for verification, while another trusts feelings? Why are some who hear voices declared psychotic while others are called saints? The answers to these questions are not mere speculation or amusing distraction; rather they are the essential components in developing curiosity, open-mindedness and tolerance for differences.

Meaning in Myth speaks to the various ways in which we all construct our myth, or life story, from our very personal ways of thinking, evaluating , judging, and ignoring. It is nothing less than an invitation to encounter other viewpoints, other faiths and disbeliefs, and ultimately ourselves.