Falls Aren't Funny

America's Multi-Billion Dollar Slip-and-Fall Crisis

By (author) Russell J. Kendzior

Publication date:

16 August 2010

Length of book:

224 pages


Government Institutes

ISBN-13: 9780865870161

Slip-and-fall accidents are a growing problem. The total cost of these accidents now approaches 80 billion dollars each year, and that number is expected to double within the next decade. In Falls Aren't Funny: America's Multi-Billion Dollar Slip-and-Fall Crisis, author Russell J. Kendzior provides a comprehensive look at one of the most pervasive yet seldom addressed problems facing our world today.

The book's three parts explore slips-and-fall accidents themselves, what causes them, and what can be done to prevent them. Kendzior begins by examining the financial costs, the industries hardest hit by slips and falls, and the heightened risk to the elderly population. He then looks at the causes for the numerous slip-and-fall accidents and injuries, from inadequate floor care to improper footwear, and the contributions of the insurance, legal, and manufacturing industries and how they worsen the problem. Finally, he outlines what can be done to prevent slip-and-fall accidents, and how everyone from manufacturers, to property owners, to the general public can help to reverse the trend of this increasingly expensive and dangerous problem.

The book is replete with stories of real slip-and-fall accidents and injuries, up-to-date statistics, illustrative charts, and tips for prevention. It is comprehensive, dealing with all aspects of slip-and-fall accidents, their causes, and methods of prevention, while also being accessible and entertaining. It is an informative and much needed book for all managers, safety professionals, attorneys, business and property owners, and anyone else concerned with one of the nation's fastest growing safety crises.
Kendzior provides a well-referenced literature review that bridges empirical and theoretical insights on the subject....This volume's content likely will be useful to occupational and physical therapy students, chiropractic students, and graduate students of kinesiology. This book also may serve as a valuable reference for clinicians involved in personal-injury case management and litigation. Summing Up: Recommended.