An Introduction to World Politics

Conflict and Consensus on a Small Planet

By (author) Richard Oliver Collin, Pamela L. Martin

Paperback - £88.00

Publication date:

02 August 2012

Length of book:

658 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781442218031

In today’s world, students need to know that there is more to politics than just politics. This clearly written text introduces students to world politics as a combination of comparative politics and international relations in an increasingly interconnected globe and explores topics that are sometimes left out of the equation: health care; the status of children; changing roles of women in the developing world; and the interplay among population growth, resources, the environment, and sustainable development. Designed specifically for introductory-level students, the book balances theory with authentic insights and examples that provide a compelling window into the struggles of citizens worldwide.
A spectacular 360-degree view, this book presents a complete and organic discussion of the most salient issues, actors, principles, concepts, and debates in world politics today. By offering a vast array of relevant examples, current data, and precise accounts and discussions of what it all means, Collin and Martin provide the reader with the perfect tools to unravel and enjoy the complexities of world politics. This excellent textbook is a 'must have' for any student interested in international affairs.