Mentoring Matters

A Toolkit for Organizing and Operating Student Advisory Programs

By (author) Mark Benigni, Sheryll Petrosky

Publication date:

16 January 2011

Length of book:

110 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781607099390

As schools are trying to connect with their students and assure that every student has an adult mentor in the building, the need for school-based mentoring programs could not be greater. When creating our school district's mentoring programs, we could not find age-appropriate, current, user-friendly mentoring lessons. With limited financial and human resources, schools are searching for a practical, innovative, and trial-tested resource. Here it is!
Mentoring Matters is the action plan with all the resources necessary to launch a school-based mentoring program. The forty-five thirty-minute lessons will serve as the foundation of your mentoring program. From Facebook to bullying to teenage stressors, we cover it all. We live it with you everyday! We have eliminated all the hurdles and obstacles and created a handbook for mentoring success.
Mark Benigni and Sheryll Petrosky get to the heart of what it takes to improve school climate in Mentoring Matters. This book is a great "How To" manual for implementing a program to personalize the high school experience for all students by building real connections among students and staff through a carefully crafted set of experiences.