The A to Z of the Discovery and Exploration of Australia

By (author) Alan Day

Paperback - £38.00

Publication date:

19 June 2009

Length of book:

370 pages


Scarecrow Press

ISBN-13: 9780810868106

This engaging reference examines the history of, the search for, and the discovery of Australia, taking full account of the evidence for and the speculation surrounding possible earlier contacts by the Ancient Egyptians, Arabs, and Chinese seamen. Day brings the expeditions to life, expressing the desires that drove great sea captains deeper into turbulent waters searching for caches of spice, silks, and precious metals.

Covers a wide variety of topics, including
• Seamen from eight nations
• The recovery of storm wrecked ships
• Diplomatic treaties
• Priority of discovery disputes
• Military and civil explorers and surveyors
• Topographical features
• Geographical terms and places
• Rivers and river system