The Sheed and Ward Anthology of Catholic Philosophy

Edited by James C. Swindal, Harry J. Gensler

Publication date:

01 September 2005

Length of book:

608 pages


Sheed & Ward

ISBN-13: 9780742531970

The Sheed & Ward Anthology of Catholic Philosophy is a thorough introduction to the evolution of Catholic philosophy from Biblical times to the present day. The first comprehensive collection of readings from Catholic philosophers, this volume aims to sharpen the understanding of Catholic philosophy by grouping together the best examples of this tradition, both well-known classics and lesser-known selections. The readings emphasize themes integral to the Catholic tradition such as the harmony of faith and reason, the existence and nature of God, the nature of the human person and the nature of being, and the objectivity of the moral law. Each reading includes a brief introduction and is historically placed within five major groups—1) Preliminaries, including readings from the Bible, Plato and Aristotle, 2) The Patristic Era, selections from Aristides to Boethius, and a heavy focus on Augustine, 3) The Middle Ages, readings from the early Moslem and Jewish thinkers to William of Ockham, with an emphasis on Aquinas, 4) The Renaissance through the Nineteenth Century, including Suarez, Descartes, Pascal, Newman, and Pope Leo XIII, and 5) The Twentieth Century and Beyond, including Maritain and Lonergan, Blondel and Marcel, Geach and Rescher, and others like Chesterton and Teilhard. —
The Catholic Philosophy Anthology not only provides a useful summary of a long and complex tradition of Catholic reflections on the nature and role of philosophy but also offers a very helpful summary of American Catholic philosophy. The editors' introductions to each of the texts are both informative and engaging. The anthology will be especially valuable for undergraduates who are seeking a comprehensive understanding of the diverse and wide tradition of Catholic philosophical thought.