Teach Like the Mind Learns

Instruct So Students Learn to Think, Read, and Write Critically

By (author) Victor P. Maiorana

Publication date:

08 February 2017

Length of book:

184 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9781475827958

This book provides the profession with across-discipline illustrations of classroom assignments that utilize and develop the mind’s innate but informal gift to think critically. By applying the universal gift formally, faculty, for the first time, can lead all students to think, read, listen, write, speak, and observe critically while concurrently comprehending new and revisited subject matter.

This work is for use as a textbook in teacher preparation and professional development programs. Teacher-educators, teacher-candidates, school and college faculty, and professional developers are shown how to explicitly apply mind grammar to the design of classroom assignments. Disadvantaged, English language learners, general, and special education students will all have their innate abilities to reason critically nurtured and developed.

Teach Like the Mind Learns, along with Fixing Instruction and Preparation for Critical Instruction, provides the teaching profession with ownership - as with doctors, engineers, and lawyers – of its language, standards, preparation, and practice. The merging of subject matter instruction with the development of critical language abilities is now a reality for the teaching profession. The consequences are that faculty practice and student achievement will be substantially more tangible, respected, and universally prized.
Maiorana’s larger project is an ambitious one. He takes aim, with broad brushstrokes, at rote-learning styles of instruction, a specter he calls ‘serialism’ and describes as the ‘teaching profession’s weak default instructional strategy.’ He contends that this pervasive style inhibits ‘our innate ability to think critically.’ As an antidote, Maiorana offers his own unique instructional framework…. There are…helpful insights throughout, including the example teaching exercises that make up the second half of the book.