Clinical Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory

By (author) Esther Fine

Hardback - £57.00

Publication date:

28 August 2013

Length of book:

174 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765709493

Clinical Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory provides in-depth descriptions of past and present analytic concepts, with accompanying examples of how these theories affect clinical interventions. A wide range of psychopathology is described, including child abuse, ADHD, autism, and hostile acts performed by adults as well as by children. Accounts of the treatment process and progress are prefaced by a review of the literature. Each clinical example is accompanied by a psychoanalytic understanding of what transpired in the treatment while the final chapter reviews the currently popular theories of what creates positive change in treatment outcome.

“Dr. Esther Fine’s Clinical Applications of Psychoanalytic Theory is a masterful treatment of theoretical and applied psychoanalysis. Her empirical study of the different schools of analytic thought and the ways in which they affect treatment outcome is groundbreaking. Dr. Fine applies her psychoanalytic insights to the treatment of abused children, children with attention deficit disorder and autism, and children who act out in hostile manners. In short, Dr. Fine's book is a wonderful collection of work spanning the career of a gifted clinician—a real tour de force.”