The Care and Keeping of Cultural Facilities

A Best Practice Guidebook for Museum Facility Management

By (author) Angela Person-Harm, Judie Cooper Foreword by G. Wayne Clough

Publication date:

25 March 2014

Length of book:

328 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780759123595

Museum facility management is a vital part of running a museum, but can involve special challenges that even knowledgeable facility managers have not encountered before. The target audience for this book is both museum administrators who need to learn more about facility management and facility managers who are stepping into the museum environment for the first time. This book fills a gap in museum administration literature by providing best practices guidance that can be used to increase efficiency, save money, and improve the guest experience.

Special attention is paid to:
-Strategic planning for cultural facilities,
-Special event preparations,
-Implementing sustainability initiatives,
-Predictive and reliability centered maintenance (RCM),
-Environmental controls for collections conservation, and
-Training for maintenance and operations personnel.
From the foreword:

From benchmarking to best practices, energy efficiency to artifact preservation, The Care and Keeping of Cultural Facilities shows the way. Judie Cooper and Angela Person-Harm have crafted a book that is both a guide for those new to the field, as well as a reference for experienced professionals.