Paradox for Life Review

A Guide for Protecting Older Adults' Self Esteem

By (author) James J. Magee

Hardback - £64.00

Publication date:

03 November 2011

Length of book:

120 pages


Jason Aronson, Inc.

ISBN-13: 9780765708670

Paradox for Life Review explains how older adults' levels of self-esteem become the lens through which they review their reminiscences. It shows how three bases for self-esteem—the epigenetic self, the family scripted self, and the metaphysical self—affect the accuracy of this lens.
It then describes how life review groups have used paradoxes drawn from poetry, drama, word play, intergenerational family dynamics, Eastern and Western mystical traditions, and personal life experiences to enable members to discover new lenses for accepting their history with compassion and wisdom. The book uses the reminiscences of forty-two older adults to illustrate the positive influence of these paradoxes in integrating their personal history with a sense of purpose for their future.