Debating American Immigration, 1882-Present

By (author) Roger Daniels, Otis L. Graham

Publication date:

14 February 2001

Length of book:

240 pages


Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN-13: 9780847694099

In Debating American Immigration, 1882-Present, prominent historians Roger Daniels and Otis Graham offer competing interpretations of the past, present, and future of American immigration policy and American attitudes towards immigration. Through original essays and supporting primary documents, the authors provide recommendations for future policies and legal remedies. This compact and clearly written text is an excellent introduction to one of today's most emotionally charged issues.
The work by Daniels and Graham is welcomed for two important reasons. First it goes far to advance the still unrealized notion that historical study is debatable hence educational and second it does so authoritatively and readably on the enduringly significant issue of immigration policy.