Parents and Schools Together

Blueprint for Success with Urban Youth

By (author) Kelly Wachel Foreword by Todd Whitaker

Publication date:

06 February 2014

Length of book:

102 pages


R&L Education

ISBN-13: 9781475808513

Parents and Schools Together shows administrators, teachers, and parents how to work together to produce high achieving students in urban school districts. We all know that in this fast-paced world of standards and commitments, it’s easy to forget what schools and parents are all about. There are things that schools can do to show parents the way to raise successful students. Parents have to help in order for schools to be high performing. Schools, especially schools of poverty and low achievement, have to have parent help if they are going to make it. Parents can’t use the excuse that they don’t know what to do or I’m not going to do that anymore. When schools enlist the help of parents, schools can begin to harness the full effect of all adults tag teaming together to raise students up to the levels they are capable of. Parents and School Together shows that it’s not just the school’s job to raise kids and it’s not just the parent’s job to raise kids. It takes both working together to raise successful students and kids.
This book makes an important contribution because it not only focuses on academic importance, but it also focuses on creating an environment in the school where parents and students feel supported and nurtured. It reemphasizes that schools should be the heart and soul of the community. We are all related.